1. Option trade monitor ensures that you will never miss option trades in your favorite names/sectors. Also check out our flow commentary
  2. Option structure of the day- the structure with the largest number of gross contracts
  3. Get option trade ideas by following what structures others are trading in your stocks
  4. How much stock and vega has all the options trading in any name caused to buy/sell so far today?
  5. What are the biggest option structures that have traded so far across all names?
  6. Are your names on the Options Leaderboard today?
  7. How much vega has been bought/sold across the entire listed options market? Is the options market risk on or risk off?

  1. Customize the list of symbols for your option trade monitor
  2. If you are following entire sectors, see option trades in all names in each sector
Just click on any ticker in the option trade monitor to see an analysis of option structures that have traded in that name so far today

  1. Choose stock, index, ETF or VIX tickers
  2. Easy drop downs for picking expiry, strike, option type
  3. Enter option price or use pre-populated last traded price from the previous session
  4. Enter underlyer price or use pre-populated price from the previous session
  5. Optional- implied volatility (IV) to price. Enter IV and get option price and greeks
  6. Price the option as of any date/time (default is current time), useful to run scenarios on option
Ultra high speed pricing API available

  1. Want to know what option structures traded in any name in the recent past? Pick any name
  2. Get upto 250 historical structures
  3. Pick any or all dates going back 10 days

  1. Holder name
  2. Change in number of Disney (DIS) call options owned as of latest filing
See which funds increased/decreased their holdings in options and stocks in any name.

Understanding how big investors are positioning can help generate investing ideas

  1. Pick any stock- our holdings based algorithms show you other stocks that will likely interest you
  2. We show you other holders that own similar stocks as any holder that you enter

You can get all this in real time.